Trivia #186 – The Djibouti Francolin

The Djibouti francolin is;

  1. a unit of currency
  2. the traditional dress of Djibouti
  3. a type of bird species
  4. puffed pastry and favorite of the nobility

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Trivia #185 – The Last Of His Kind

Born in 1973 and currently living at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Laikipia, Kenya. He is known for being the last male of his subspecies in the world and one of only three living in the world. Which of the Big Five is this?

  1. Chad, the last Black Ethiopian Leopard
  2. Benin, the last Red Cape Buffalo
  3. Mali, the last great White Lion of the Sahara
  4. Sudan, the last great Northern White Rhinoceros


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