Trivia #035 – On The Most Endangered List

One of the rarest canid species in the world is Africa’s most endangered carnivore due to loss of habitat, disease such as rabies, road killings, shooting and persecution by humans. Only about 500 of these remain in the wild.

  1. Ethiopian Wolf
  2. Brown Hyena of the Kalahari
  3. Black Cheetah of Kenya & Zambia
  4. African Wild Dog

1. Ethiopian Wolf

Also known as the Simien Jackal or Simien Fox, this species is endemic to the Ethiopian highlands.

There are populations in the Simien Mountains (Simien Mountains National Park), Mount Guna, Menz, and the North and South Wollo highlands, north of the Rift Valley.
They can also be found in the Arsi Mountains and Bale Mountains (Bale Mountains National Park), south-east of the Rift Valley.


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