Trivia #055 – Run!

The killer bee is a cross breed of the European honeybee with African bee. Scientists wanted to create a bee that will produce more honey, but unfortunately they created less effective and highly aggressive species. When disturbed, how long can killer bees chase you?

1. One hundred and fifty meters
2. Four hundred meters
3. Seven hundred meters
4. They do not give chase but sting immediately on site.



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Trivia #052 – Before The KICC

The Kenya International Convention Center (KICC) consists of 28 floors, including a revolving restaurant which offers panoramic views of the city, rotating 360° in 76 minutes. Located in Nairobi, Kenya and ranked as one of the top places to hold conferences on the continent.
What was the tallest building in Nairobi before KICC?
1. Kipande House
2. The National Archives
3. McMillan Library
4. Railways Headquarters

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