– Black Or White?

What color is a zebra?

  1. Red at birth with their coloring deepening to black and white stripes appearing thereafter.
  2. White with black stripes.
  3. Black with white stripes.
  4. Grey, the black and white colours are a play of light on the human eye, depending on the angle from which they see the animal.

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– The Quagga [What’s In A Name?]

The quagga is a southernmost subspecies of plains zebra that was considered to be particularly close to Burchell’s zebra. From what was it’s name was derived?

  1. A derivative of the region in South Africa in which it was found, Kwanatal.
  2. From the grand-child of the Dutch man who discovered it. He was trying to get his attention by saying “grandpa”.
  3. From its call, which sounded like “kwa-ha-ha”.
  4. From the call of the bird (a type of duck) that alerted hunters as to where a group could be found.

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– The Quagga [Fact Or Fantasy?]

The quagga is a zebra-like African animal that became extinct in 1883. What is it’s cultural significance?

  1. It inspired Michael Crichton’s bestseller Jurassic Park.
  2. It inspired Karl Benz (of Mercedes Benz) in the invention of the first motorcar.
  3. It will be featured in James Cameron’s upcoming Avator sequels.
  4. Lord Walter Rothschild, the immensely wealthy banker and zoologist drove a carriage harnessed to six quaggas regularly to prove that they could be tamed.


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– Go Algeria!

Known as  الخُضر “El Khadra” (The Greens) the Algerian national football team has qualified for five World Cups and at the 2014 World Cup, became the first African team to score four goals in a match (this was against South Korea). What other nickname do they go by?

  1. The Desert Warriors
  2. The Indomitable Lions
  3. The Dodo’s
  4. The Mediterranean Knights

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